Biogas Technology

The institute has designed and built a large biogas reactor that is being used to produce biogas from animal waste and antelope grass; the reactor has been used to provide fuel to light a series of street lamps, in an effort to imbue antelope grass feedstock with a
commercial value.
It was determined that a mixture of 25% Antelope grass, 25% animal waste and 50% water produces an average output of 600 cm3 of biogas per 24 hour period (this is for 1 kg of biomass) and an initial charging of the reactor lasts for approximately 60 days at this output rate. The challenge is to develop a business case for profit generation using this technology by making the energy source available to the general public. Therefore, the institute has developed a plan to install technology to scrub and bottle the biogas produced into compressed gas cylinders, and to introduce into the Guyanese marketplace demonstration biogas-powered refrigerators and air-conditioners.


  Biogas production plant