Extrusion Technologies for the Creation of food and feed Products

In the past few years, there has been an increase in the production of rice in Guyana. This product is consumed mainly in its natural state but also gives by- products, such as bran and broken rice, which is commonly used for animal feed.

IAST, through funding from the Government of Guyana has developed several products to convert this raw material into other value-added commodities. This is done via extrusion, hence increasing the economic value of the primary agricultural commodity Rice.

The Department currently utilizes a KETSE 20/40 Lab Compounder which is a state of the art multifunction co-rotating twin screw Extruder. It features:

  • A Clamp barrel
  • Variable processing time
  • Interchangeable screw element
  • Electrical heating / water cooling
  • Processing temperature up to 400 0C
  • Vertical screw feeder

This scaled-down machine in combination with its comprehensive adaptability and easy handling system is an excellent laboratory apparatus for the development of the Department’s projects.

The Extruder


The projects developed relate to the extrusion of broken rice from the rice milling industries to produce a variety of products:

The extrusion process:
Finished Packaged Product

Finished Packaged Product