The IAST’s strength and promise is vested within its unique and energetic staff. Versatile, motivated, and very conscious of the pivotal role that they play in the resuscitation of the institute and as ambassadors of science and technology, they have been performing marvellously under conditions that are less than ideal.
Mainly through their efforts, the Institute has begun to acquire a reputation of an aggressive, results-oriented organization, and with that reputation has come increased Government of Guyana funding and increased commercialization of the institute’s projects.
The Institute of Applied Science and Technology currently has 13 science and technology staff members (this number fluctuates between 13 and 16, depending on whether the institute is at full employment), 6 administrative staff, 14 guards, 2 drivers, 3 cleaners, 1 gardener and 3 general laborers. The very small technical staff complement is distributed among five departments:
1. Analytical Services
2. Food and Feed
3. Biofuels/Alternative Energy
4. Indigenous Materials
5. BioProspecting

Remarkably, this very small technical staff is engaged in an astoundingly wide spectrum of projects, many of which have delivered first-of-its-kind in Guyana processes, products and conventions. A significant number of these projects are at the stage of being ready for commercial activity.

Professor Suresh S. Narine, Ph.D.
  • Ph.D. (Food Science & Materials Physics) University of Guelph (2000)
  • MSc. (Chemical Physics) Trent University (1997)
  • BSc. (Chemical Physics, Hons.) Trent University (1995)
Mr. Deonarine Jagdeo, B. Eng.
Deputy Director (Technology)
  • BSc. (Engineering) University of Guyana (2008)
  • Dipl. (Engineering) University of Guyana (2000)
Mr. Rishee Persaud
Head of Biofuel Department
  • Associate Degree (Chemistry) University of Guyana (2012 – Present)
  • Cert. (Biofuels) University of Guyana (2011)
  • Cert. (Bio-Ethanol) University of Guyana (2013)
Mr. Randy Fordyce, BSc.
Head of Analytical Services
  • Bsc. (Chemistry) University of Guyana (1999)
Mr. Mahendra Rampersaud, BSc.
Research Chemist
  • Bsc. (Chemistry) University of Guyana (2008)
Mr. Sewpersaud Manohar, BSc.
Head of Food and Feeds Division
  • Bsc. (Chemistry) University of Guyana (2003)
Mr. Dharamdeo Singh
Food and Safety Officer
  • Msc. Agr-Food Safety and Quality Assurance UWI (2016)
  • Bsc. (Agriculture) University of Guyana (2014)
Mr. Kumar Latchman, BSc.
Research Chemist
  • Bsc. (Chemistry) University of Guyana (2011)
Ms. Denise Albert
Senior Lab Technician
  • High School Dipl. (1982)
  • Labourtary Techniques University Of Guyana (1987)
Ms. Delores John, BSc Accounting
Accounting Officer
  • Bsc (Accounting) University of Guyana, (2004)
  • Dipl. (Accounting) University of Guyana, (2002)
  • LCC Elementary and Intermediate Bookkeeping (1981)
Ms. Maityrie Bridgemongal
Assistant Accountant
  • CAT (2007)
 Ms. Raveena Mangal
Project Officer
Mr. Doobay Doodnauth
Procurement Officer
  • Dipl. (Computer Repairs & Networking) Computer World (2013)
  • Dipl. (Computer Studies) Computer World (2011)
  • Dipl. (Business) CXC (2010)
Mr. Ronaldo Jewanram
Stores Clerk
Mr. Chandrashekar Singh, Msc. Computer Science
IT Administrator
  • MSc. (Computer Science) City College of New York (2014)
  • BSc. (Computer Science) University of Guyana (2010)
  • Dipl. (Computer Science) University of Guyana (2008)
Ms. Alicia Castello
Confidential Secretary
Ms. Shaleni Nauth
Administrative Officer
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management (2015)
  • Dipl. Marketing (2008)
  • Certificate in Office Administration (2007)
  • Certificate in Industrial and Social Studies (2006)
  • Certificate in Information Technology (2003)
  • CXC CSEC (2002)
Mr. Andrew Thom
Senior Technician
  • Technical Certificate University of Nova Scotia (1989)
  • Cert. Refridgeration Government Technical Institute (2002)
  • Cert. Electrical Installation Government Technical Institute (2002)
  • Cert. Repair of Automatic Controls Government Technical Institute (2002)
Mr. Aron Rambarran
Senior Technician
  • CXC CSEC (1985)
Mr. Gopaul Narine
Workshop Technician
  • CXC CSEC (2000)