Expanded Fish Feed


IAST’ Food and Feed Department, in fulfilling its mandate of producing value added products from mostly locally sourced commodities while promoting extrusion technology and to transfer this technology to an investor, developed an extrusion process  using broken rice, soya meal, fish meal and pre-mixed vitamins to produce a fortified well-balanced Expanded Fish Feed.

The composition of the expanded fish feed not only has broken rice, fish meal and soya meal, but also has the necessary vitamins and minerals for optimal density, high yield and fast growth.

Fish Feed Sample

Fish Feed Sample

Mixed with water and extruded into pellets which are dried, it is then fortified with vitamins and oils. The expanded fish feed can be adjusted to varying farming methods by modifying the speed of the cutter to get the appropriate dimension of feed that is required by the farmer.

The expanded fish feed was found to float better and longer when compared to conventional fish feed. The dry feed pellets are stable for relatively longer periods, for convenient storage and distribution. In addition, the farmer may be required to use less feed when using the expanded fish feed.