Biomass Briquettes

Guyana’s rice, cane and sawmilling industries all produce significant amounts of waste in the form of rice husks/hulls, bagasse and sawdust.
This waste material generally cannot be easily consumed as fuel due to the large surface area to volume ratio which results in high combustion rates but no significant concentration of energy.
IAST has solved the challenge of utilizing this type of waste. A hydraulic briquetting machine reduces the surface area to volume ratio by compacting the biomass to produce briquettes. These briquettes can then be consumed as fuel in households and industries.

Testing at GuySuCo

IAST produced 1.6 tonnes of briquettes from sawdust and tested their suitability to replace the firewood used for steam production at the Enmore Sugar Factory operated by GuySuCo. It was found that an equivalent mass of briquettes produced a higher pressure and larger amount of steam for a 25% longer time period compared to firewood.


Benefits for using briquettes reflect Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy to:
  • Reduce dependance on fossil fuels
  • Reduce environmental footprints
  • Increase efficiency and utilization of biomass derived energy
IAST calculates 1 tonne of briquettes costs GY$6,169 to produce compared to GY$11,400 for 1 tonne of firewood.