Rice Cereal Factory Almost Completed


A sample of the finished product

A sample of the IAST developed cereal

The Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST), with the Rural Development Fund undertook the building of the $100M Anna- Regina Rice Cereal Manufacturing Facility in March 2015. By August 2015 the project was well underway as approximately 99% of the undertaking was completed.

Civil works on all the buildings were completed. The estimated $54.2 M Facility Building was constructed with areas for shipping and receiving, storage, packaging, processing, accounting and administration.

The Rice Cereal Processing Plant in its final stages of construction

The plant has been designed to be ISO-compliant as a GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) facility with grade control processes and measurements for a high standard of quality.

Frontal View of the Anna Regina Rice Cereal Processing Plant

Plant equipment estimated at $33 M includes a rice mill, mixer, screw conveyor, extruder, air conveyor, sugar coating system, extended drying machine and a packaging machine. Additional facilities such as the building of two bridges, fencing and security huts along with the procurement of office furnishings and computers encompasses the remaining  $12.8M.

While the facility is being built and commissioned under the supervision of the IAST, the institute will turn over the operation and management of the facility to a professionally trained staff, CEO and administrative structure after a period of time.


The constructed Extrusion Process Area

The resulting commercial scale plant will process approximately 1000 tonnes of rice per year produced in Guyana into packaged value added breakfast cereals branded “Morning Glory”. The product which is of high aesthetic and organoleptic quality was developed on an Institute operated pre-pilot scale extrusion unit. The resulting high quality product was found to have a long shelf life and the texture and flavor of the cereal was comparable to the popular breakfast cereals.

The establishment of the plant will also provide some 50-60 new jobs requiring skilled labor and will train highly qualified personnel in its varying  processes.

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